Scale your Business with MENA’s Leading AI Chatbot Platform

Get 2X Sales

From visitors to leads, from subscribers to happy customers. Drive revenue through chatbot across messaging channels including messenger and whatsapp bots by providing a new level of convenience.

More and better leads

From notifications to lead generation, get more qualified leads without forms, and collect information in a much more intuitive and less intrusive manner using chatbots

Automate your customer support

Deliver faster, better customer service experiences at scale with chabot automation. Your bot (Messenger, Whatsapp or Webchat) can handle simultaneous conversations, solve issues, and hand over to a human when needed on the spot.

Engage prospects

Build relationships with customers through interactive and tailored content. Enable people to subscribe to weekly content and broadcast exclusive messages with a very high reach. Manually or automatically.

Arabic Chatbots

Arabic language has many dialects, and using exactly your client's dialect is what makes our chatbots superior and better than ever.

Design, build and publish your chatbot in minutes

Pick a template, or build your own bot from scratch. Drag-and-drop. Zero coding skills required.

Comprehensive Platform

Human Handoff

Let your team have control and seamlessly transfer conversations from chatbot to human, and back.

Broadcast & Segmentation

Target your users accurately. Customize messages for every segment, with a different tone and desired action.

Ready-to-use Templates

Target your users accurately. Customize chatbot’s messages for every segment, with a different tone and desired action.

Team Collaboration

Invite your teammates of chatbot designers and cooperate together to achieve the best results.

One-click Integrations

Connect your bot to third-party apps using flexible webhooks and robust API.

Human-friendly Reports

Get valuable insights with intuitive, easy to understand reports.

The most powerful AI engine for Arabic slangs

Widebot’s proprietary enterprise-grade AI engine is sentiment aware, tone aware and effectively detect multiple Arabic dialects. Our AI models are industry pre-trained and they learn everyday from historical data.

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Connect with your clients on any channel

Widebot allows you to create chatbots that integrate with Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and even your own website. You can connect to one of these platforms or all of them. The choice is yours.

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What our clients say

“The platform is really easy to use for those who have no tech experience. It has great customization options and simple management. The objective was to ensure that our customers get informed about changes in logistics and delivery instantly, and WideBot was able to provide that across 10 countries, as they use more than 6 Arabic slangs along with French and English.”

Hadeer Hameed, Regional Head of KOL and Social Media -Africa- Jumia Group

"Our experience with Widebot was smooth, elaborate and rewarding. They did a great job addressing our requirements from the very first meeting. The chatbot helped us drive more online sales and traffic, and allowed us to provide an authentic experience to our customers using WideBot’s AI engine that can identify Arabic slangs and steer human-like conversations.”

Ghada Orabey, Trade Marketing Executive at Shell Lubricants Egypt

“We wanted to help our customers who are staying at home because of COVID-19 order their daily needs and get it delivered to their doorsteps. WideBot helped us achieve this goal in three days only by seamlessly building a chatbot. The bot was a success! It helped us drive 30% more leads in the first month while reducing our cost to serve.”

Kareem Khatab, Courier Project Owner at Survv

“WideBot's team is committed and innovative, and they provided us with a solution tailored exactly to our needs. We loved the human handover feature; it was particularly very well executed!”

Ayman Amin, Head of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce at Americana foods

"The user interface was really intuitive and easy to use. We wanted to spread awareness on COVID-19 and we needed a solution that enhances our engagement with clients, and that we can easily customize the content as it keeps changing all the time. WideBot fulfilled those needs very well. Not to mention the professional customer support and timely follow-up. We definitely recommend WideBot if you need an efficient, user-friendly AI solution."

Farida Hegazy, Project coordinator at Vezeeta

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