The Easiest Way to Build a Chatbot

Build your chatbot from scratch or use a template. Our user-friendly interface makes building a bot so easy. Zero coding skills required.

Everything you need in one platform


Start from scratch or choose a template. Drag-n-drop elements and conditions. Keep everything organized in folders.


Connect your chatbot to different channels. Integrate with various tools. Test it live, duplicate it, or share it.


Send broadcasts, segment users and define rules to handoff the conversation from bot to human.


Follow KPI's and see how well your chatbot performs. Discover great insights on your audience.


Start building your bot in a minute using chatbot templates!

Jump right into it with our growing list of ready-to-use chatbot templates: Customer service, recruitment, bookings, sales and more. Pick your template, customize it and be ready in minutes.
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Design conversations the way you like it

Drag and drop our no-code components to build conversational flows. Organize them in folders and define conditions, variables, and everything you need to create a human-friendly chatbot experience.
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Connect with more people across channels and platforms

Connect with Messenger to make it easier for followers and potential customers to get in touch.

Have conversations with your customers directly from your website.

Connect with your customers on their favorite chat app.

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Flexibly connect with third-party apps using webhooks and a fully open API.


Engage with your customers via Broadcast

Invite people to subscribe to your chatbot. Once subscribed, send manual messages or recurring updates to all or a part of your audience.
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Give your bot a human touch

Some inquiries require human engagement. Widebot’s builder allows you to define conditions and scenarios where the chatbot hands over the conversation to one of your capable team members, and back to the bot when needed.
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Team up and collaborate

Invite your teammates and chatbot designers to collaborate on building the best conversational experience possible.
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Measure your success

Track and analyze your chatbot performance and get useful user insights using our easy-to-understand metrics and reports.
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Our Features

Keyword Detection

Detect keywords from your user’s interaction and create different scenarios to respond.


Segment and target your users very accurately with unified messages for every segment.


Deliver personalized content based on pre-saved info from your user’s answers.

Instant Notifications

Send instant messages to everyone who has subscribed to your bot.


Send recurring content every day, week, or month based on your user’s preference.

Easy Organization

Put your different flows into labeled folders and keep your chatbot organized.

Lead Gen Form

Asking users information through inputs and then send to a CRM.


Number of users, subscribers, messages, sources, insights and more.


Build one chatbot with many different languages or one chatbot per language, including Arabic chatbots.

User List

Make lists based on audience behavior and send more personalized content.

API Integration

Add real-time data and content to your chatbot by connecting your API or cloud services.

Human Handover

Set conditions to handover communication from bot to human and back.

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