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What is a Chat-Ro-Bot?

A chatbot is a piece of smart software that communicates with humans through messaging apps.

It’s the new revolution of the relationship between businesses and customers. Chatbots can provide an instant & accurate service without the need of download anything.

Why Build a Chatbot with WideBot?

Interact In Arabic 🇦🇪

Arabic is our secret sauce. Chatbots built by WideBot can understand & react to Arabic language with different dialects in a near-human level way.

Engage & Personalize 🤝🏻

Equip your marketing channels with the most engaging tool (by studies), and have the luxury to personalize the experience for every user.

Improve Customer Service 📞

Take your customer service to the next level with no need to the waiting & queues and redirection to other agents.

Sell Your Products 🤑

Fully automate your selling process & rely on your virtual salesperson with its new supported ads types.

Features Tailored for Your Needs

Drag & Drop Templates

Enjoy creating your bots on WideBot with our user-friendly interface in the predefined templates for every industry, without any coding required. And finally drop the programming console and publish your bot within a click!

Broadcasting and Segmentation

Segment and target your users very accurately with unified messages for every segment, that differentiate each one with its tone and desired action.

Fully Hosted

Forget about where to host your new marketing channel as (landing pages, mobile apps, …etc), because chatbots built on our platform comes fully hosted on our side on the cloud ☁️ Cutting off the hosting costs & issues off your shoulder, and yet doing it with the most security possible.

Online Payment

Provide a very secure payment gateway through your chatbots (SSL level), that never leaves a penny away! And without having to leave the same open chat conversation at all.

Human Handover

Will machines ever take over? Not with us around! 😉 Human Handover makes sure that humans always have the upper hand whenever they want to take the wheel and switch from the bot to them, or when it goes out of context (rarely).

Usage Analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”, you know! That’s why bots built on our platform are provided with full analytics. From how many users are there for the bot, until access to what’s everyone of them actually send to it

Integrations That Make all Data Handy

Zapier, IFTTT, WordPress, Google, Shopify, JSON, RSS, and much more!


Specific needs? Don’t have the time for it?
Let us make the A.I. magic do the work for you ✨

We help many enterprises to automate their workflows and works smarter through our bots.

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