Broadcasting and Segmentation

Segment and target your users very accurately with unified messages for every segment,
that differentiate each one with its tone and desired action.


Online Payment

Provide a very secure payment gateway through your chatbots (SSL level), that never leaves a penny away! And without having to leave the same open chat conversation at all.


Fully Hosted

Forget about where to host your new marketing channel as (landing pages, mobile apps, …etc), because chatbots built on our platform comes fully hosted on our side on the cloud ☁️ Cutting off the hosting costs & issues off your shoulder, and yet doing it with the most security possible.


Usage Analytics

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”, you know! That’s why bots built on our platform are provided with full analytics. From how many users are there for the bot, the sales volume, and even their satisfaction rate.

Human Handover

Will machines ever take over? Not with us around! 😉 Human Handover makes sure that humans always have the upper hand whenever they want to take the wheel and switch from the bot to them, or when it goes out of context (rarely).


User Profiling

Collect all the needed data to know more about your users and their preferences, and then target them through this data.

Comment Acquisition

Respond to your comment through the bot also, whether you want a unified response or A.I. based one.


Sentiment Analysis

Analyze your users’ sentiment and customize your responses based on it, to maximize conversions rate.

Drag & Drop Templates

Enjoy creating your bots on WideBot with our user-friendly interface in the predefined templates for every industry, without any coding required. And finally drop the programming console and publish your bot within a click!

Users Verification

Authenticate the actions your users make by verifying their identities through SMSs, within the chat itself.


Updates Subscription

Give the ability to your users to subscribe to your updates through the same channel they communicate with you with.



Create your automated questions & answers through messages sent to the bot and its responses to them, without any interaction from your side.


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