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Bundle your services with Widebot end-to-end chatbot solutions to help your clients stay ahead of the competition.


Created interactive brand experiences and drive performance-based results for your clients. Drive brand awareness, product consideration, sales and gather value data insights through easy-to-build bots and access to exclusive AI capabilities to provide your client an unparalleled experience

  • Referral fee/ Resale discounts
  • Priority technical support
  • Access to select AI features
  • Unlimited number of Mockups and Demos
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Solution providers and BPO’S

Are you a digital transformation agency? A software agency? Or a BPO? Extend and scale your services to enable your clients to go omnichannel, and give their customers a personalized digital experience via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, their website and more.

  • Referral fee/ Resale discounts
  • Premium sales support
  • Live tech support
  • Access to advanced AI features
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Ecommerce experts

Empower brands to build human, personalized shopping experiences using Widebot conversational and AI tools.

  • Revenue Sharing models for cross-selling
  • Custom solutions for your merchants/clients
  • Experience seamless integration
  • Tailored use cases and templates
  • Get Featured as Partner on our website

Services and Technology partners

Widebot works closely with a number of technology providers, across various industries, giving bot builders access to a broadly integrated suite of complementary products and services. Be one of them now.

  • Access a wide community of businesses and digital agencies
  • Seamless and tailored support for your integration
  • Access WideBot White-label Arabic NLP and ML technologies
  • Get Featured as a Technology Partner on our website

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