You imagine it, we’ll build it.

Focus on growing your business, and get your AI chatbot built by one of our conversational design & chatbot experts.

Conversation Design

With an extensive experience in conversation design, our team will save your time and build your chatbot for you so you can focus on what matters: building authentic relationships with your customers.

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No matter which app you want to connect your bot to, our integration engineers will help you integrate your favorite tools and apps with WideBot using JSON APIs.

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Why Professional Services?


Built to help startups and SMEs grow faster without having to pay a fortune, WideBot’s Professional Services are cost-effective and won’t consume a big chunk of your budget.

Fast Implementation

Having a WideBot up-and-running isn’t a luxury that can wait for months, our team will make sure to deliver your service within 2-5 days depending on the nature and complexity of your requirements.

Exceptional Quality

While we are continuously making our platform seamlessly easy to build your chatbot by yourself, let's face it: having an expert build your chatbot for you makes a difference and leads to a better quality that gives you the peace of mind to focus on what matters the most.

Saves Your Time & Efforts

Instead of spending your time figuring out how to build a chatbot, we will do that for you; so you could use your time & efforts to focus on growing faster and operating better.

How to request our Professional Services?

The process of getting our professional services will consist of the steps below:

Application Form

Fill an application form detailing your needed services and requirements


Schedule a call with our team to understand your needs and tailor our offerings to match your requirements

Details & Pricing

We’ll prepare a requirements document with full details and pricing


Upon the document’s approval, you will receive an invoice for a deposit of half of the agreed payment

Delivery Time

Upon payment, our team will start working with delivery time set to be between 2-5 working days

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